Clinical Case Reports

Twin Cities Endodontics uses state-of-the art technology and equipment, and the most-advanced materials for root-end fillings. Our surgeons help patients keep their teeth and have healthier mouths.

Cases With Difficult Canal Anatomy

These (2 cases) are a good example of some of the difficult anatomical situations we deal with on a daily basis. Case #1- Tooth #18 with very long (27mm) roots and Case #2 with a severely dilacerated MB canal. Both of these cases were treated using rotary NiTi instrumentation and obturated using vertical condensation of warm gutta percha.

Successful Perforation Repair Case

Patient presented with buccal tenderness and extreme biting sensitivity.

Radiograph showed two treated canals and gutta percha into the furcation.

The tooth was accessed and debris in the perforation removed using mico-retreviers under the surgical microscope. The furcation was disinfected using 2% chlorhexedine and a resorbable sponge placed. The furcation was repaired with MTA and the MB canal was found, clean shaped and packed. The access was restored using a light cured composite.

Healing of a Large Apical Lesion

Patient presented with severe buccal swelling associated with percussion and palpation sensitivity. There was an 8mm furcation defect. The root canal was routinely accomplished using ProTaper instrumentation for cleaning and shaping and vertical compaction of warm gutta percha for obturation.

Resorption Case

A flap was elevated and perforation from resorption was identified on the distal wall of the root. The defect was prepared with ultra-sonic instrumentation and patched with MTA. A freeze dried bone graft was placed using a resorbable membrane.