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Where dentists get their root canals done!

Where do dentists get their root canals? Dr. Zucker and team! I've been referring to Dr. Zucker for years, because believe me performing good root canals is not easy. Imagining snaking a .6mm clogged drain upside down through a mirror! My root canal was painless (yes, of course noisy and not the most fun thing you'll do all day as are all dental appointments!) But later in the day when I had a glass of ice cold water and forgot I didn't have to contort my tongue to cover up my previously painful tooth, I smiled and said a silent thank you to Dr. Zucker! I will keep sending all of my patients his way!


Many sincere thanks to your fine endo. practice for the painless / almost instant relief you provide! Immediately upon leaving your office, I experienced a rebound of energy that I had not realised was lost. Again, Thanks to Dr Zucker, his assistant, and the rest of your team.

Never Felt Pain Again

I was in lots of discomfort before that root canal. Afterwards, I never felt pain again!

Best One I've Had

That was the best one I’ve had, and I’ve had many. I’ll have a good weekend now that I don’t have to worry about you!

Easier Than My Last Filling

This root canal was easier than my last filling.

Great Team

You two are a great team, very professional, and I didn’t feel anything